A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Street Writer is an homage to Street Fighter II, except with some NYC writer friends battling it out in some famous book locales. 

Just a fun little art project done over a few years.

Controls:Player 1: Start = U, Movement = WASD, Punches = RTY, Kicks= FGH
Player 2: Start = Enter, Movement = Arrow Keys, Punches = IOP, Kicks = KL;

(Special moves can be triggered by hitting all the punch buttons simultaneously after your health is down below 30% and the bar is flashing)


Character Art, Sprites, and Animations by Natasha Lyn-Marie Charlene Excelsia 

Background Art by Clara Ng

Logo and Additional Art by Danny Nanni

Programming and Architecture by Sam "Garbage" Von Ehren and Christian "Skisonic" Sutton

Created, Designed, and Directed by Maxwell Neely-Cohen



StreetWriter.zip 69 MB